All functions

initialize(<FLiem>) iters(<FLiem>)

S4 class FLiem

FLmse() FLmse() tracking() `tracking<-`() control() `control<-`() oem() `oem<-`() args(<FLmse>) `args<-`(<FLmse>,<list>)

S4 class FLmse

FLoem() FLoem() observations() `observations<-`() deviances() `deviances<-`() show(<FLoem>) iters(<FLoem>) combine(<FLoem>,<FLoem>) `fleetBehaviour<-`(<FLom>,<mseCtrl>) `projection<-`(<FLom>,<mseCtrl>)

S4 class FLoem

FLom() FLom() stock(<FLom>) `stock<-`(<FLom>,<FLStock>) sr(<FLom>) `sr<-`() refpts(<FLom>) `refpts<-`(<FLom>,<FLPar>) fleetBehaviour() `fleetBehaviour<-`() projection() `projection<-`() show(<FLom>) `tracking<-`(<FLmse>,<FLQuant>) `control<-`(<FLmse>,<FLQuant>) `oem<-`(<FLmse>,<FLQuant>)

A class for an operating model (OM)

effort implementation function


A fixed target f

A method to project the operating model (OM)

expandGrid() gridList()

Functions to create grids and lists of model and simulation runs


Evaluate the chosen HCR function


A indicator based HCR

indicator implementation function


Compute number of necessary Monte Carlo runs

initialize(<mpCtrl>) est() `est<-`() phcr() `phcr<-`() hcr() `hcr<-`() isys() `isys<-`() tm() `tm<-`() show(<mpCtrl>) iters(<mpCtrl>) exists()

S4 class mpCtrl

initialize(<mseCtrl>) method() `method<-`() args() `args<-`() show(<mseCtrl>) exists()

S4 class mseCtrl

performance(<FLStock>) performance(<FLQuants>) performance(<FLStocks>) performance(<list>)

Compute performance indicators

TAC implementation function