mcN(x, ...)



Value of Z for a given confidence level for a normally distributed random variable, default is 1.96 for a 95\

EThe required percentage error of the mean, numeric.

The mcN function implements the simple method of Bukaci et al. (2016) to calculate the number of Monte Carlo (MC) simulations required to obtain results with a given precision level.

data(ple4) ssb <- rlnorm(2000, log(ssb(ple4)), 0.5) itse <- mcN(ssb) plot(se~iters, itse, type='l')

Bukaci, E. Korini, Th., Periku, E., Allkja, S., Sheperi, P. 2016. Number of iterations needed in Monte Carlo Simulation using reliability analysis for tunnel supports. Int. J. of Eng. Res. and Apps., 6 (6-3): 60-64. <>