The FLiem class stores the information relative to the implementation error model of the MSE.

# S4 method for FLiem
initialize(.Object, ...)

# S4 method for FLiem
iters(object, iter)



additional argument list that might never be used


object of relevant class (see signature of method)



character with the name of the method to be run. Note a function of method must exist in the environment with the same name.


list with arguments to be passed to the function defined in method

AccessorsAll slots in the class have accessor and replacement methods defined that allow retrieving and substituting individual slots.The values passed for replacement need to be of the class of that slot. A numeric vector can also be used when replacing FLQuant slots, and the vector will be used to substitute the values in the slot, but not its other attributes.

ConstructorA construction method exists for this class that can take named arguments for any of its slots. All slots are then created to match the requirements of the class validity. If an unnamed FLQuant object is provided, this is used for sizing, but not for populating any slot.