function creates an FLBiols object., ns, ni,



A vector with c(first.yr,proj.yr, last.yr) where

  • first.yr: First year of simulation (number).

  • proj.yr: First year of projection (number).

  • last.yr: Last year of projection (number).


Number of seasons (number).


Number of iterations (number).

A list with the name of the stks and the following elements:

  • stk.unit: Number of units of the stock (number).

  • stk.age.min: Minimum age class of the stock (number).

  • stk.age.max: Maximum age class of the stock (number).

  • stk_n.flq: Numbers at age in the population(FLQuant).

  • stk_wt.flq: Weight at age of an individual (FLQuant).

  • stk_m.flq: Mortality rate at age of the population (FLQuant).

  • stk_fec.flq: Fecundity at age (FLQuant).

  • stk_mat.flq: Percentage of mature individuals at age (FLQuant).

  • stk_spwn.flq: Proportion of time step at which spawning ocurrs (FLQuant).

  • stk.range.plusgroup: Plusgroup age (number).

  • stk.range.minyear: Minimum year (number).

  • stk.range.maxyear: Maximum year (number).

  • stk_range.minfbar: Minimum age to calculate average fishing mortality (number).

  • stk_range.maxfbar: Maximum age to calculate average fishing mortality (number).

  • stk_biol.proj.avg.yrs: Historic years to calculate the average of spwn, fec, m and wt for the projection (vector).


An FLBiol object