function creates a list of FLBDsim objects, ns, ni,



A vector with c(first.yr,proj.yr, last.yr) where:

  • first.yr: First year of simulation (number).

  • proj.yr: First year of projection (number).

  • last.yr: Last year of projection (number).


Number of seasons (number).


Number of iterations (number).

A list with the name of the stks and the following elements:

  • stk.unit: Number of units of the stock (number).

  • stk.age.min: Minimum age class of the stock (number).

  • stk.age.max: Maximum age class of the stock (number).

  • stk_sr.model: Name of the model to simulate recruitment (character).

  • stk_params.n: Number of parameters (number).

  • Name of the parameters (vector).

  • stk_params.array: Parameter values (array).

  • stk_rec.flq: Recruitment values (FLQuant).

  • stk_ssb.flq: Spawning stock biomass values (FLQuant).

  • stk_proportion.flq: Recruitment distribution in each time step as a proportion (FLQuant, values between 0 and 1).

  • stk_prop.avg.yrs: Historical years to calculate the proportion average (vector).

  • stk_timelag.matrix: Timelag between the spawning an recruitment (matrix [2, number of seasons]). For details see FLSRsim.

  • stk_range.plusgroup: Plusgroup age (number).

  • stk_range.minyear: Minimum year (number).


  • stk_uncertainty.flq: Uncertainty (FLQuant).


A list of FLSRsim objects.